By | November 29, 2016

Nedbank IT Learnership for the South African Region

If you are living in the area of South Africa and looking for the best program in the field of banking, then you might be interested in Nedbank IT learnership. Nedbank as one of the best bank in the South Africa is opening the learnership program that will open the door to the world of banking. If you are interested, then you might want to make sure that you have all of these requirements.
The first one is that the applicant has to be the South African who have fulfilled the minimum education level of level 5. As an addition, the applicant should also have passed the English and the Mathematics. The second is that the applicants should not have any other connection related with the studies starting from the first of January 2016 up to the last of December 2016. That is because this Nedbank IT learnership program will require the total of 24 months. The first 12 months are used for the theoretical learning while the rest are used for the workplace learning.
The third is that the applicants should be free from any learnership program, especially for those who have applied for another program. The fourth is that the applicants should have the willingness in living in the area of Gauteng during those 24 months program. As the finishing, you will also need to have the god manners to be put in your application letter such as the zero bad rating and also the zero criminal record from the country.
Apply Nedbank Information Technology Learnership Programme
If you are interested in this kind of learnership program from Nedbank, then you will need to apply for the program to Nedbank as soon as possible. That is because the Nedbank IT learnership program will be closed on August 31 2015. Therefore, make sure that you apply the program before the deadline.