By | November 29, 2016

North West SAPS Basic Development Learning Program for Basic Police 2016

North west SAPS is the police services that located in the South African. This institution called SAPS for the South African Police Service for short. Today we’re going to invite you to join us in this very important job if you really like to serve your country and also have the high patriotism inside your heart and soul. We’re also inviting all races to join forces with us. And if you’re one of the people who really want to serve your country then maybe can be your best chance to prove it. With join with us you can serve your country and makes people live safely.
This job is very suitable for you who in age of 18 or under 30. And of course this can be the good chance for you who have high intelligent, good and fit physically and mentally. Have very energetic nature and also dedicated to serving the country. With us the north west SAPS you can serve your country and also serving the people and give the safe neighborhood and makes them always feel safe when they left home. You can send your application form to this address private bag x801, Potchefstroom 2520 or provincial recruitment centre, Potchefstroom 4th floor. And makes sure you write your application with your own handwriting.
This open recruitment will close in 28 August 2015. So, you need to hurry if you really want to join us in the SAPS and serve our country. If you want to dedicate your life with serving the country and you have very strong patriotism inside your heart joining with us in the north west SAPS can be the perfect job for you, because if you join forces with us, you can protect people and serve the country. So, if you really want to work together with us. You can send the applicant before the closing date.
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