By | November 29, 2016

Nxuba Local Municipality Bursary

there is a bursary that comes from the Nxuba Local Municipality bursary. The local students can rest assured because there are two qualifications that are offered. The first is Engineering and the second qualification is Town Planning. If you get this bursary, you can get a lot of benefits. Of course, the cost of the study will be paid. However, there is a special condition related to this bursary. The amount of the budget will be decided based on the individual needs. Basically, it covers the accommodation, meal, tuition fee, book, and course material. Your burden will be relieved.
The next requirement is that the students must attend the accredited South African Institution of Higher/Further Education and Training. The student must be officially registered and gets the permission from the Institution of Higher Learning. This requirement is a must, especially the first year studies. Any student that is not the residents of the Nxuba Local Municipality bursary is not allowed to participate. This is a special bursary that is provided for the local residents. If you are a local resident and fulfill the requirement above, you can apply and please enclose the total salary of your parents in a month. It must be R10000,00 or below it. Bursary application forms will be available at the Reception Offices of Nxuba Municipality at Market Square.
Then, the applicant must provide the result of the Final Matric. Remember, you cannot apply if you do not have the requirements that have been mentioned. The applicant can deliver the document to the receptionist in the Nxuba Municipality office at Market Square or you can send it to the ADELAIDE 046-685 0076 and Donkin Street, BEDFORD 046-684 0034. It is possible to apply via online. Then, please visit the for online registration. Your application form will not be accepted if it passes the closing date. Please remember that the closing date of the Nxuba Local Municipality bursary is 27 February 2015.