By | November 28, 2016

Open Recruitment for Tsebo Bohlale Graduate Internship Programme

This graduate internship programme is for those who have a dream to take Water Science as their future career. So that Department of Public Works together with Generational Training and Department work together to cater brilliant, excellent, and passionate young generations who have good interpersonal skill to join tsebo bohlale graduate internship programme. For successful graduates they will join this graduate internship programme within two years. During their internship programme they will be deployed to Department and of Public Works Water Plan. To apply to this internship programme, you at least in the process or already completed your education whether it is a 2014 undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
More, to apply to this internship programme, you need to understand about water care, hydrology, and environmental water science. Simply say, your major of study back then on university must those three. Next, to join tsebo bohlale graduate internship programme, you must be around 18 to 33. This graduate internship programme is also available for disability. To be a successful graduate, then your average grade must be equal to 60% or more. Actually, there are two ways to apply for this graduate internship programme. First, you can apply online via the Department of Labour. Second, you can simply apply online via the official website of this graduate internship programme.
However, you can also download the application form, when you choose the second path. But, remember to bring along your scanned certified documents such as academic record, your ID, and application form. The next thing you should do is send your application to before the closing date of tsebo bohlale graduate internship programme on January 8th 2015. Addition, when you apply this graduate internship programme through first way, be sure you fill the reference number (#TSEBO-BOHLALE2015), organization name (GENERATIONAL TRAINNING AND DEVELOPMENT) and opportunity (Tsebo-Bohlale Graduate Internship Programme) name correctly. In case, you have question around this programme, contact the HR of this graduate internship programme (+27 10 5912193)
Go to our website and apply online.