By | November 29, 2016

Oxford Publisher Graduate Internship Programme

This is actually good news for those who want to get involved into the world of publishing, more when it is about educational book. Since 2017, 2018 & 2019, Oxford University Press South Africa caters graduate/internship programme that let you experience the way how to work in an educational book publishing industry. It is called Oxford publisher graduate internship programme. However, to take part of this occasion, there are some requirements you should follow. Speaking of which the requirements are; (1) self motivated, (2) able to use English for both oral and written, (3) confident and detail oriented, and (4) understanding MS Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook), (5) in-progress or completed tertiary degree like BA, Bcomm, or equivalent to it.
The other things you should have in the way to be a successful graduate of Oxford publisher graduate internship programme are; you should have both organizational and interpersonal skills, you must able to deal with new environment and deadline, and the last one you must be a creative person. Nevertheless, when you become a successful graduate of this graduate/internship programme, you will get these following; (1) understanding distinctive ways about book publishing stuffs, (2) grasp network among people in the same industry, (3)learn about the market possibility that relates to book publishing, (4) monthly allowance and many more. More information see in here
Therefore, if you want to grab all the privilege as a graduate of this programme, be sure you have all of the requirements that are mentioned above. Then send your application together with letter of motivation that is filled with the reasons behind that makes you want to join Oxford publisher graduate/internship programme. Be sure you send your application to its headquarter at Cape Town office before or by its closing date on April 8th. Addition, the programme will be lasted about six to twelve months and you should admit that the official contacts only the short-listed applicants.