By | November 23, 2016

How Penny Stock works, Learn how to invest in shares for yourself – starting with just R100

How Penny Stock works

Learn how to invest in shares for yourself – starting with just R100 –when you join my free 30 Day Penny Share Master Programme

I’ll show you, step by step, the exact methods I’ve used to make money for myself from investing in penny shares, and show you how easy it is to do this for yourself.
I’ll start right at the beginning – don’t worry!
Even if you don’t really know what a share is today, in 30 days you’ll have all the skills and confidence you need to invest like a pro!

Over the course of the next 30 days, you’ll discover:
•How to buy and sell shares for profit
•Why penny shares can be safer than houses
•The forbidden investing secrets your financial advisor doesn’t want you to know
•The three most fatal mistakes penny share investors make – and how to avoid them
•How to spot warning signals that a stock might be a dud hidden in financial statements
•All the hidden costs involved in penny share investing – and how to minimise them
•How to choose the very best stock broker and open your own share trading account

And that’s not all.
When you sign up, to this completely free programme, you’ll also get instant access to my Penny Share Master Starter Kit to get you going as fast as possible.

In this indispensable guide you’ll learn:
•The details of my PowA! Penny Stock Screening system – so you can spot the next big stock market winners
•The three essential rules for penny share investing success
•How to get started in the exciting world of penny shares right away

What’s more, when you join the programme, you will also start receiving my free daily MoneyMorningstockmarket email newsletters, packed with daily investing ideas and expert insights, so that you can put what you learn in the programme into practice right away.
So, all I have to ask you is this:
Are YOU ready to become South Africa’s next penny share success?