By | November 29, 2016

Petra Diamonds Young Graduate Work Experience Project

Do you expecting to be a part of young graduate work experience project that is celebrated by Petra Diamonds? If you do, then here are some minimum requirements you need to have; (1) you must be someone that love to see new places, (2) a legit driver’s license, and (3) joining Petra Diamonds young graduate work experience project means you should know how to operate computer. Okay, those are the minimum requirements to apply this graduate project, whilst, for the additional requirement it depends on which project you apply.
In total there are nine graduate work experience projects you can apply, they are; Occupational Health (hold diploma/degree for General Nursing together with Psychiatry, Community Health or something equal, Ref:PDSA065), Industrial IT Engineer (hold 4 year degree for Electronic Engineering/B Tech, Ref: PDSA060), and another Petra Diamond young graduate for work experience project is, Structural Engineering (hold 4 year Degree for Civil Engineering/B Tech, Ref:PDSA057). The other projects you can apply are; Health and Safety (hold National Diploma for Safety Management or something equal, Ref:PDSA066), Mechanical Engineering-Cullinan (hold B Tech/B Degree for Mechanical Engineering, Ref:PDSA064), and Mechanical Engineering-Kimberly (hold 4 year degree for Mechanical Engineering/B Tech, Ref:PDSA058).
The rest of the projects to apply are; Electrical Engineering-Kimberly (hold 4 year degree for Electrical Engineering/B Tech, Ref:PDSA059), Civil Engineering (hold 4 year degree for Civil Engineering/B Tech, Ref:PDSA056), and Environmental Management (hold B Tech for Environmental Engineering or BSc for Environmental Management). To apply for this Petra Diamond young graduate, you can send your current ID, CV, qualifications and application formvia fax at 086 692 2442 or through, before or by its closing date on February 28th 2015. In case that you get contact from the official during thirty days started from its closing date, your application is considered successful then.