By | November 28, 2016

Phillips Graduate Internship Opportunity

Looking forward a graduate internship program to improve your career opportunity, there are various Phillips graduate internship 2017, 2018 and 2019 programs to apply. For all of the graduate internship programs, you can apply them online, before the closing date of the said training program on July 27th 2016. First, you have Marketing graduate internship to apply only if you have degree specialized in Marketing. Second, Business Analyst graduate internship, when it comes to this training program,qualified applicants should have degree in finance or relevant field majoring in Economics. Third, Finance graduate internship for talented applicants with Economics, Finance, Business or Accounting qualifications. In addition, you should have computer skill that covers Microsoft Office app.

Phillips graduate internship also offers two graduate internship programs in Health Systems (PHSCA and PHSE) for talented graduates with University degree, such as, BCom Accounting specialized in Management Accounting and Cost Accounting. Too, you need to hold minimum driver’s license Code B. Graduates internship opportunities are not stopping there, ensure to apply Nursing graduate internship if you have qualification in Nursing (University degree) or another relevant qualification in health. Qualified applicants that hold University degree in IT either Analytics or Systems, you can take part of the internship by applying Information Technology graduate internship.

Apply Philips Graduate Internship

Public Health Economics graduate internship is another Phillips graduate internship that is designed for graduates that have full qualification in Bachelors degree in Engineering or Actuarial Science, or else you have qualification in BSc. There is time limit to apply the previously mentioned graduate internship opportunity, stick with the deadline, since late application will be not considered. More information about the learnership, you can find them through Philips website on their internship section. An internship experience is essential for fresh graduate to kick-start their career before they enter certain industry based on the qualification that they have.