By | November 28, 2016

Physically Disabilities Learnership From Primeserv

Talented graduates who are physically disable and yearn for improving your skill within wholesale & retail industry, you have your chance as Primeserv provides physically disable youth learnership form Primeserv. Applicants with interest for the learnership opportunity, here things to consider; (1) as the learnership program is designed for physically disable youth, the application is opened only for individual with disabilities, (2) on your curriculum vitae, ensure that you give explanation about kind of physical disability that you have, (3) applicants should hold matric certificate or grade 12, therefore they can apply for the learnership program.
Physically Disabilities Learnership
In addition, Primeserv physically disable youth learnership from Primeserv program requires its applicants these following; (4)  your age is between 18 to 35 years old, and (5) be sure to tag along your qualifications (certified copy) and curriculum vitae. Those who successfully win the position of the learnership program, they will be exposed with in-depth knowledge related to wholesale and retail areas. Interested applicants can submit your database or contact information to,, alternately, you can dial 0215283900. There is no deadline date included for the application, which means application will stay open until the leanership meets its quota or depends upon Primeserv policy.
During physically disable youth learnership from primeserv program, potential learners will spend about 12 months to learn about wholesale and retail areas, therefore, they can accelerate their opportunity to realize their future dream. Just like any other learnership program they will obtain both theoretical and work-based training on site to experience themselves of how to perform their function. Additionally, they will be assigned to apply diagnostic assessment for about 2.5 hours, therefore the official can determine whether potential learners are qualified for the program that they offer or not. They will also provide stipend for successful learners that is meant for transport expense. What are you waiting for? Grab your chance now.