Prestige Academy 2019 – 2020 Applications

By | January 8, 2019

Prestige Academy 2019 – 2020 Applications

How do I apply?

Starting your education at Prestige Academy is only a few key strokes away………

STEP 1: Choose your study programme(s)

  • Start by downloading the Registration form PDF file OR by registering online – HERE
  • Choose your study programme(s) and make sure of the following:
    • that you meet the minimum admission requirements
  • If you are unsure of the career path that will suit you best, you can make use of the following tools:
    • read up on all the programmes we offer at Prestige Academy by clicking on the download online brochure“
    • book a session with one of our Marketing Executives.

STEP 2: Complete the application and send the required documents

  • Please ensure that your registration is completed correctly. Incomplete registration forms will not be processed and may cause you to miss the deadline and thus not be considered for your programme(s) of choice. Please be sure to attach the required documents with your application. Outstanding documentation can be emailed to
  •  Your application will only be processed and considered when all the required application documents have been received by the Academy.

STEP 3: How is your application considered at the Academy?

  • An amount of R2350 is payable when registering for admission as a student. Registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • After (a) submitting your completed registration form;   (b)  meeting the minimum admission requirements;  (c) pay your R2350 registration fee , the academy will inform you in writing of your acceptance into the programme of your choice.
  • Certain programmes such as Bachelor of Arts (Applied Arts) (3D Animation); Bachelor of Arts (Visual Art) (Visual Communication Design) and Diploma in 3D Design and Digital Animation require additional information i.e. PORTFOLIO OF EVIDENCE TO BE SUBMITTED. If you don’t submit your POE the application will be considered as incomplete.
  • If you are admitted to a study programme, this form will be part of your agreement with the Academy and it is important that you understand all your responsibilities. Once you and your parent/guardian have signed and submitted the registration form, your agreement with the Academy becomes legally binding on you and on them.
  • Registration fees can be paid as part of the registration process, by cheque, postal order and/or EFT.
  • Click here for more information on payment options.
  • International/foreign students need to apply for their study permit.

STEP 4: Pay your programme deposit

  • Make payment of the programme deposit (R8000) by no later than 30 November 2018.
  • Should you wish to make use of a bank loan, you need to proceed with your application at the financial institution of your choice

STEP 5: Receive your student number and monitor your application status

  • The Academy will acknowledge receipt of your registration via e-mail
  • You will receive a student number for identification purposes and/or for applying for student loans, bursaries etc.

STEP 6: Take notice of the closing dates:

  • 30 November is the closing date for applications for all programs (Applicable only to NEW Prospective students)
  • 15 November is the closing date for all senior students (2nd and 3rd years)
  • 15 January is the closing date for all senior students who re-register for subjects.
  • 15 August: Residence application

STEP 7: Compulsory form for students with special needs

  • Students with special learning needs (disabilities) will be required to hand in a doctor’s certificate together with the application for special learning needs. Download the Special Learning needs form.PDF and send it to

STEP 8: If you want to change your course?

  • If you want to change your course, your request will be considered only if there are still space available in the specific course you have selected.
  • Request for change in course must be done in writing. You can email this request to

By submitting this information, you agree to receive telephone calls, electronic communications and printed materials from Prestige Academy.

Application documents required

The following documentation must be handed in together with your registration and/or submitted with your online registration form:


Prestige Academy General Information For Applicant