By | November 29, 2016

Procter Gamble Graduate Learnership Program

Are you looking for a job but still have no confident about getting a job? There is a solution for that condition: learning to get a job. It’s a Procter Gamble Graduate Learner ship Program that offering a chance for you to learn about adding the value of the company with impactful work. In this program, you’re not only learning but you are also getting a chance to get a job after this because you already learn about the job. If you already have a job, you may get a better position in your current job because after this program your work will be easier.
There are some requirements to join this program. First of all, you have to be a South African Citizen with Green Bar-coded South African ID. Second, you need to be university graduated and you must have metric certificate. You need to have job experience for 3 until 5 years. If you have bachelor degree or higher degree, you can’t join this program. You need to prepare the documents that willl be proofing those requirements. After that, you can apply this Procter Gamble Graduate Learner ship Program online via P&G Learnership-IME00000149. Closing date for apply the program is September 1st.
Apply Online Procter & Gamble Learnership Programme
After this program, you should have the chance to become more professionals in work skill and may have opportunity to job in larger company. That’s why you need to be serious about joining this program once you apply to this project. Since this program is aim to create a better employee, then you have to agree to participate this one year training. The program will be start on 1st of September and end on 30th of October. If you are an employee, then you have to start to plan about dividing your free time for this Procter Gamble Graduate Learner ship Program.