By | November 29, 2016

Psyssa Web Designer Internship Opportunity

Have interest toward web designer industry? Joining internship opportunity like web designer internship opportunity is something to consider, since, through this programme you will get further knowledge about many valuable things you need to know for both practical and theoretical matters. However, to be a valuable candidate for Psyssa web designer internship opportunity, there are some requirements you better have. Requirements speaking, they are; (1) practical knowledge for MS Office, Windows and others Microsoft products, (2) elemental experience for Javascript, html5 and so on, (3) elemental designing experience with Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, or Freehand.
Beside those three, the other requirements to apply this internship opportunity are; (a) practical experience for handling media social like Facebook and Twitter, (b) understanding Coursework in particular field such as web development, information services and relating software coursework, (c) passionate toward software application or IT should be another requirements for Psyssa web designer internship alongside with non-profit business management, and (d) self-motivated person with capability to work alone, addition, that one should have curiosity toward the work of NGO. Hence, if you think you have those qualifications above, skipping this internship programme must be a great lost.
Speaking of applying for this internship opportunity, here are some benefits you will get when joining the internship such as; IT knowledge for basic use like printing, troubleshooting windows, PC’s setting up, windows installation and its associated issues. Deciding about applying this web designer internship? Knowing its closing date must bring you benefit. The closing date of Psyssa wed designer internship opportunity will be on May 25th. Nevertheless, if you ask about how to apply this internship opportunity, simply send email with your current CV on it to Then if you have further question about this wed designer internship, dial +27 11 468 3322. Note, you better not send any question related to this internship opportunity through email.