By | November 29, 2016

PWC Exordia Graduate Internship Program

If you are a young scholar and a little bit afraid to compete with many other job seekers who already have many experience, then you may be interested in trying the internship program from the PWC Exordia Graduate Internshipthat is specifically designed for many of the fresh graduates. That is why, you should not hesitate to try to apply for the internship program to increase the knowledge and experience that you have so that you can be ready to compete with other graduates with many experiences.
Because what is conducted by PWC is organizing internship program, then you should know that there are some qualifications that you must meet before you can follow this internship program. The first is the knowledge in the academic field that is above average. If you are a person who has an average academic knowledge, then maybe you might not qualify for this kind internship program ofPWC Exordia Graduate Internship. Moreover, not all fields can be easily included in the criteria that are applied for the internship program because the main priority of the fields is having a degree in Informatics, the field of Engineering, and also the field of Information Technology. Even so, it would not hurt you to try to register for this program.
If you are interested in participating in the internship program that will be held by PWC, then you can directly send your CV via email to In addition to the CV, you also need to include the whole of your academic transcript and also a copy of a valid identity card that you have as required by PWC for the archives. For your information, the deadline for the application sending is February 20th 2015 so you should take note so that you will not miss the chance of PWC Exordia Graduate Internship.