By | November 29, 2016

The Rand Merchant Bank Graduate for Experience and Future Job

Banking is one of the most prestigious fields of job which can be chosen for you. There are so many things which can be done in order to make your experience to be true. It is important for you to make your graduate degree to be more than just a degree for you. The Rand Merchant Bank graduate can be chosen if you are looking for further experience in getting to be familiar with the banking world and the industry behind it. You can choose so many ways in order to make your experience to be more improved. But with this kind of the chance of having internship program you will find that the internship program will be more than just a good thing to get but also promising.
When you are considering having the internship program you can get the qualifications which will be good for you. The Rand Merchant Bank graduate internship program gives you the requirements which should be fulfilled. Those requirements are you have to be the South African citizen and no person who is not the South African citizen can be the candidate for this program. Then, you have to be graduated from the majors which will be relevant with following positions, which are the commerce, business science, finance and investments, mathematics, quants, engineering and also the information technology.
If you are interested in being one of the interns in Rand Merchant bank, you can get the requirements to be fulfilled. Then, you have to also include the copy of your transcript, your CV and also a brief motivation of why you want to be one of the interns in the program. You can send the requirements to the email address at,za. Being concerned with what the bank is looking and eager to get the further experience is important for being the interns in Rand Merchant Bank graduate. You have to send the requirements before the closing date on 14 August 2015