By | November 30, 2016

SA Air Force Development Programme

Indeed the chance isn’t opened yet for SA Air Force Development programme, still getting to know about the programme beforhand, can bring its suitable applicants benefits. For the result they can prepare themselves earlier for the program. Nevertheless, it case that you are curios for the viable opportunity this year, you can source the information through its official website For the development programme at SA Air Force, you will meet few of them, usually it includes; Reserve Squadrons, General Maintenance, Engineering/Apprenticeship, Support, Aviation Maintenance, Air Crew (other), Command and Control, and Air Crew (pilot or navigator).

Joining for SA Air Force Development programme, the requirements speak the following, first, if you only possess the qualifications in grade 12, your age should be around 18 to 22 years old. Second, if you apply the development program at SA Air Force trough the qualification that you get from tertiary institutions or degree (minimum three years), your age should be 26 years old. Just in case you are accepted as the successful applicants for the development program, you are responsible to follow a two year training where you will be exposed with further functional training and military training.

You may know about military training, then how about further functional training at SA Air Force Development Programme 2016 2017 & 2018? The latter mentioned, in fact, a typical training that provides its successful applicants with huge array of options of training from something with specialization like engineering to something you may call as general support like material support clerks as example. Within the programme, all of the applicants will be thought about discipline. For the training itself, the military training will be conducted first, then the functional training. The successful applicants also have chance to get further education through Military Academy or University. In the end of the programme, commonly you will be asked about continuing the contract or you choose to leave. Still, the information aforesaid isn’t default, thus some updates are possible.