By | November 30, 2016

SA Navy Development Programme

Per year SA Navy invites excellent young generation of SA who have a passion to serve SA Navy through SA Navy development programme. Do you want to be a part of it? Apart from the skill which its applicants will get through the training, those successful applicants will have better chance for career opportunity. In addition, a development programme at SA Navy is a-two-year training programme where its suitable applicants obtain necessary skills which are very useful for them to aim their future career. While joining the programme all of the members are obliged to wear uniform.

Turn to this point, then it is all about the requirements for SA Navy development programme. When it comes to it, it will be resolved around; you are a SA citizen, you have zero criminal record, you are single, you have no join any other program/full-time unemployed, and you have a good health condition which is proved either from document or test. You should need to know that this development programmet at SA Navy is closed to people with excess fear of height and also people with disabilities. Else, if you are suffered with claustrophobia. You can source the information through its official website at

Applying for SA Navy development programme, the chance is divided in two groups, Matric and Graduate. However under its category, you will find some subcategories. For instance, if you apply with Matric, and you are a Technical and Engineering applicant, be sure that you hold Grade 12 (completed) together with level-3 for physical science and mathematics. Your age should be around 18 to 22. Whilst if you apply through graduates category, the requirements are; you hold grade 12 (completed ) with N6/Degree/National Diploma in Test Trade Certificate in electrical engineering, marine, or mechanical. Gather also your short CV, copy for ID, copy for Matric certificate, and other qualifications. That said, the requirements are viable to change, though the basic remains the same.