By | November 29, 2016

SAB Miller Bursary

In everyone’s life, it is actually important for being sure that there will be something good held by the future. This is especially important for the ones with the ability and smart brain. When it comes to the promising future, it should be more than just a way for getting a good knowledge and experience. The SAB Miller bursary can be your choice when you want to expand your experience and you want to get the best way in having the future to be more promising with the career which can be considered for the ones who get the bursary.
When you are considering having the bursary from the company, you have to consider some of the requirements and suit them with your own qualification. However, your academic score should be above average in order to make your chance of getting bursary to be bigger. You have to also show the leadership ability. This is because you will find the easiness when you get yourself to have the leadership ability which will be important for you when you are working. You can also get the best way in having the SAB Miller bursary to be your own way in having better future chance.
Apply SAB Miller Bursary
You have to also be the citizen of South Africa if you want to apply for this bursary. The students chosen for the program are actually the ones who are suitable with the following job positions: brewing, packaging, control and automation, supply chain and marketing. Send the application before 15 Augustto get the best chance of it. You will have so many advantages by getting involved in this program. As you can get the best way in making the college study to be easier, you will also get the chance of being the full time trainee after you have been graduated from the college as the further advantages of the SAB Miller bursary.
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