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Sacema Bursaries: For Postgraduate Researchers

SACEMA bursaries is provided by the nation’s epidemiology research centre, SACEMA, for external and internal bursars. The bursaries are meant to encourage postgraduate and doctoral level degree learners to support the development of South African public health areas. If you are a dedicated and potential learner, join us now!

Sacema Bursaries
SACEMA (South African Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis), as a national centre, is funded by the Department of Science and Tehnology and supervised by Stellenbosch University. The main purpose of SACEMA formation is to analyze and make researches about disease transmission modelling and  its progression especially in relation of South Africa’s health challenges.

To support the purposes, SACEMA provide the research facilities and supporting environment where scientists can implement disciplinary and institutional boundaries. The focus of SACEMA also involve innovative interaction regarding to fundamental problems related to epidemiology and release quantitative evidence useful for health policy nationally and internationally. The areas of SACEMA’s current projects are water and water-borne diseases, HIV and TB incidence, transmission and reactivation methods, age-disparate relationships, distribution of Malaria etc.
Available Fields of Study
Sacema bursaries are open to reach more potential learners to support the activities and researches related to Sacema. The most required and available fields of study are Mathematical Biology, Statistics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Public Health and Informatics.
Requirements For Bursaries
SACEMA bursaries will be awarded for applicants with following qualifications:

  • Applicants are willing to study towards Master of Science(MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in fields of study listed above
  • Applicants with high motivation and affinities for the related issues will be given priority
  • Applicants are able to submit a detailed research proposal in collaboration with a supervisor
  • The research proposal must emphasize the methodology used in approaching the problem complete with relevance statement of public health studies and SACEMA priorities
  • Support letter from proposed supervisor
  • Applicants with research proposal related to SACEMA projects will be given preference
  • Applicants are allowed to benefit from other funding

Applying For Bursaries
The closing date of SACEMA bursaries is on 1 November (External bursaries) and 1 October (Internal bursaries) of each year. The application can be made online. For External bursaries, the application form is available in this page:
For Internal bursaries, the application form available online at:
For inquiries about SACEMA bursaries, contact Miss Lynnemore Scheepers or