By | November 28, 2016

Sanlam Wealth Management Learnership Programme

Learnership programme is just another yet, effective way to assist you to grasp your dream career. It is because through learnership programme you will gain both theoretical and practical matter. Speaking of learnership programme, you may need to get advantage from wealth management learnership programme by Sanlam. But still, to join something like Sanlam wealth management learnership programme which is held on 2015 and take its location on Sandton city, there are some requirements and responsibilities that should be fulfilled by its applicants in order to win the chance to become the learners for this learnership programme.
Thence, these following are some requirements for you to meet if you are seriously expecting to join this learnership programme, they are; (1) you must reside on Johannesburg and you must be unemployed, (2) joining for Sanlam wealth management learnership programme means your age should be around 18 to 30, (3) capable to join interview on January and start the learnership programme on March 1st 2015, and the last, but not the least thing is (4) you must hold a grade 12 certificate for English Math/Accounting. After the requirements, there are some responsibilities or let say your obligation while participating for this learnership programme, below you will find out what are they.
The responsibilities you should take when you become the successful learners for this learnership programme are; you must able to do any assignments that are given to you within this learnership programme, join for both learning and practicing that relate to the programme without exception, and do the learning process for Sanlam wealth management learnership programme seriously. Then, if you agree with the terms and conditions above, please send your certified copy for ID document, your Matric certificate and any other additional attributions which bring benefit to you. Be sure to tag along your CV in detailed and motivation letter at least before January 28th 2015.
Apply for the SANLAM Wealth Management Learnership Programme 2015