SANTS Private Higher Education Institution Diploma in Grade R Teaching Courses Offered

SANTS Private Higher Education Institution Diploma in Grade R Teaching Courses Offered

General Information

NQF Level 6 (360 Credits)

The purpose of the Diploma in Grade R Teaching is to develop practitioners who will demonstrate general principles as well as focused knowledge and skills for Grade- R practices. As part of the qualification, students are expected to gain experience in applying such knowledge and skills in the context of teaching with Grade R learners in a school. The duration of this programme is three years.

English will be the medium of instruction.

The 360 credit NQF Level 6 Diploma in Grade R Teaching is a recognised and approved qualification for employment in education by the Department of Higher Education and Training and has been evaluated on a REQV 13. The programme has been accredited by the Council on Higher Education. Accreditation No: H/PR148/E008CAN.

This qualification may be presented for admission into a B Ed Foundation Phase programme. A maximum of 180 credits, gained while studying for the diploma, may be recognised towards the B Ed, on condition of formal assessment of prior learning.

Application for 2018 admission towards the Diploma in Grade R Teaching is now closed.

Programme Design

No First Year Credits
1 Academic Literacy: ALI 515 20
2 Academic Numeracy: ANU 515 12
3 First Language Teaching: FLT 417 12
4 Whole Child Development: WCD 416 12
5 Effective Classroom Practice: ECP 416 12
6 Computer Literacy: CLI 515 6
7 Literacy Teaching in Grade R: LGR 415 12
8 Numeracy Teaching in Grade R: NGR 415 12
9 Life Skills Teaching in Grade R: LSR 416 10
10 WIL I: WIL 416 18
Co-requisite modules: LGR 415, NGR 415 & LSR 416
Second Year
1 Academic Literacy: ALI 425 20
Prerequisite module: ALI 415
2 First Additional Language Teaching: FAL 426 12
3 Learning and Teaching Theories: LTT 517 12
4 Grade R Teacher as Assessor: ASS 416 8
5 Studies in Education: SED 516 12
6 Literacy Teaching in Grade R: LGR 426 12
Prerequisite module: LGR 415
7 Numeracy Teaching in Grade R: NGR 426 12
Prerequisite module: NGR 415
8 Life Skills Teaching in Grade R: LSR 426 8
Prerequisite module: LSR 415
9 WIL II: WIL 426 24
Prerequisite module: WIL 416
Co-requisite modules: LGR 426, NGR 426 & LSR 426
Third Year
1 Academic Numeracy: ANU 425 12
Prerequisite module: ANU 515
2 Communicative Language Competence (English): CLC 435 6
3 The Grade R Curriculum in Practice: CPR 416 12
4 Inclusive Education and Learning Support: ILS 416 12
5 School Readiness: SCR 417 12
6 Teaching as a Profession: TPR 516 12
7 Studies in Education: SED 527 12
8 Studies in Education: SED 537 12
9 WIL III: WIL 436 24
Prerequisite modules: All year 1 and 2 modules
Total 360
 Take Note: Credit accumulation transfer (CAT) from the Diploma in Grade R Teaching- (Dip Grade-R Teaching) to Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching (B Ed FP Teaching): The students who successfully completed the Diploma in Grade R Teaching will receive 150 CAT into the B Ed Foundation Phase Teaching Programme. No prerequisite modules in the first year, only co-requisites for WIL 416.

Admission Requirements

The minimum entry requirement is a National Senior Certificate (or equivalent qualification) with a Diploma entry endorsement. A Level 4 or 5 Certificate or Diploma in Early Childhood Development (ECD) (old NQF) may also be presented for admission and possible assessment for advanced credit standing.

SANTS does recognise prior learning in line with policy. Should you want SANTS to assess the possibility of recognising your prior learning for purposes of admission or awarding credit, you need to include a request in writing with your application. This should describe your teaching experience and/or learn at another institution(s) in detail (include your past academic records if applicable).

SANTS Support Services

SANTS believes that all our students (or every student) should have access to appropriate and accessible academic support throughout their studies. SANTS has a well-structured and functional student support system, rather than specific student support services.

SANTS’ support system consists of the following components/elements:

1. Pre-entrance guidance and advice on the requirements of academic programmes, coordinated by academic staff in the Academic Department;
2. Curriculum-specific advice and guidance, coordinated by the Academic Department and implemented by tutors based at Student Support Centres;
3. In-text support in the form of well-designed, integrated study material;
4. Detailed, feedback on formative assessment tasks;
5. Summative feedback (reports) on student academic progress;
6. Early identification of, and support for underperforming and at-risk students;
7. Continuous monitoring of students’ attendance.

Students’ assessment results are captured by the Administration Department and communicated to the Academic Department. It is the responsibility of the Academic staff to analyse the assessment results and implement support via the tutor in the form of additional intervention activities or structured support session(s).

Although SANTS is a distance education institution, it has established SSCs in close proximity to students in order to provide a conducive learning environment and support from experienced, skilled and committed tutors.

Specific Support given to students

SANTS’ training material informs students of the purpose of the Learning Programme and expected outcomes.

Tutor support during face-to-face contact sessions focuses on the facilitation of students’ ability to integrate the theoretical and practical components of the learning programme, as well as preparing students for assessment.

Communicative support given to students relates to general as well as specific programme provision issues and supports students throughout the duration of their study.

Guidance given to students is informed by the results of continuous assessment of students’ performance. . Students receive feedback so that they know exactly what they already know and still have to achieve.

Remedial Measures

Remedial measures are integrated into the overall assessment practice, which allows appropriate intervention and support for correction or rectification of deficiencies in a particular area of learning.

Tutors are in contact with their students at SSCs. In addition, tutors are accessible to the students during self-study times where they provide additional guidance and support. These sessions are scheduled on a timetable.

Fees Payable

All applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee of R250 with the submission of an application.

SANTS has ensured that access to the Diploma in Grade R is within reach of the vast majority of individuals who choose to enrol for this programme. We have been able to reduce tuition fees drastically to only R15, 000 per year.  This includes all study material, assignments, tuition, examinations as well as face-to-face support sessions. In order to limit the financial burden to a student as much as possible, tuition fees can be paid in 4 instalments, spread out over each academic year. Alternatively, students can pay 12 monthly instalments of R1250 per month. Students will, however, be responsible for the purchase of their own stationary throughout the programme.

Bursaries and Loans

SANTS will be providing a total of 10 bursaries to 10 new and current students during a Bursary Draw on the 15 December 2017. Each bursary is to the value of one academic year. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Applicants that are applying for a student loan or bursary should apply for a total amount of R15, 000 that includes the tuition and study material fees payable to the institution.

Tailored Packages

SANTS provides special tailored packages should stakeholders be interested in registering student(s) on the Diploma in Grade R Teaching programme and wish to include the additional options below, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Stipends for registered students;
  • Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM);
  • Providing refreshments during face-to-face support sessions;
  • Additional face-to-face contact support sessions;
  • Supply of ICT equipment;
  • Transport and accommodation-related expenses.

Items to be included in the package will be in addition to the tuition fees of R15, 000 per year for the duration of the programme and could range between R20, 000 and R45, 000 per year depending on the specific requirements. For more information please contact SANTS at 087 353 2555 or email us at

Take note: The pre-requisite module(s) of any given module must be passed the semester before the module of which it is a pre-requisite, is presented. (e.g. ALI515 to be passed in Year 1, Semester 2 for a student to enrol for ALI325/425 in Year 2, Semester 1.). A student will not be able to register for a module (s) if they have not passed the pre-requisite module(s) and will not be allowed to take a module from a future semester in its place. In this case, the cost for each pre-requisite module which needs to be repeated to be able to continue will cost R1 800.

All payments must be made via bank deposits, electronic transfers or at an ATM advance machine at your nearest retail bank into the following bank account:

SANTS Banking Details
Account Holder SANTS
Bank First National Bank
Branch Menlyn
Branch Code 252-445
Account Number 6243 887 2261
Reference Applicant’s  ID number and surname

Make a cash or cheque deposit quickly, easily and securely at an ATM Advance machines at your nearest retail bank. Follow these easy steps: EPS

Step 1 Press any button. Press any button
Step 2 Select “Cash Deposit” or “Deposit Cheque” Select “Cash Deposit” or “Deposit Cheque”
Step 3 Key in the account number 6243 887 2261
Step 4 Key in the reference number. Applicant’s  ID number and surname
Step 5 Type in your name Your name
Step 6 Key in your telephone number Your telephone number
Step 7 Insert your cash or cheque Insert your cash into the envelope being provided at the ATM machine.
Step 8 Confirm cash deposit or verify cheque deposit. Confirm amount
Final Step Take your receipt. Take your receipt and fax proof of payment to SANTS