By | November 29, 2016

SAPPI Graduate Internship Program

If you are looking for a graduate program now, SAPPI graduate internship may be a right one. Please note the closing date that will be at 15 May to apply for this program. Shortlisted candidates will be placed at Nelspruit during the program. There are two programs that is offered, they are workplace integrated learner: human resources and workplace integrated learner: secretarial. Each program surely offers you different work field and different qualifications. Check whether you fit the qualifications to join one program before you send the application.
For SAPPI graduate internship workplace integrated learner: human resources program, you should be a bachelor degree in human resources management or human resources development. This program is set for the learners that have never been in any completion of Learnership before. It requires shortlisted candidates to complete some practical duties in HRM. For workplace integrated learner: secretarial program, you should be a graduate from Secretarial studies or have a degree of National Diploma/ NQF 6 in Business Administration. Workplace integrated learner: secretarial program interns will be seek to complete programs of formalised learning in practical experience terms that is needed to achieve a full national qualification which has set out by the provider of formal studies.
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What will you get from this graduate program? Of course there are so many. This is the chance where you can apply theoretical knowledge into practical life, chance that you may not get in a real life working place. It will give you practical experience that is necessary for you future real career. By becoming part of this program, you will be surrounded by professional environment which will give you the right manner and skill to continue to more promising carrier ahead.  If you interested, prepare your integrated application to apply SAPPI graduate internship before 15 May.