By | November 28, 2016

SARS’s Registration Requirements Programme

If you are looking for a contract for learnership, SARS is open recruitment for those who need it. It provides training for a certain period to be acquired at a national qualification and it is possible to be given a permanent appointment.
You can immediately register to SARS as a Customer Service Learnership Programme 2015. The first requirement is you must master at Matric. Secondly, you must have a accounting certificate or financial management and taxation certificate. Furthermore, you are a citizen of South Africa and have a work experience of at least 6 months. It is required to prove that you have experienced in the field which you are going to do. The next requirement is, you are not bound or not currently participating in any learnership program.
Qualifications required for this program is a 24 month program held by SARS. You will be introduced to the world with a broad spectrum of experience learneship and develop you to be a generalist in a specialized field. At the end of this program, for those of you who could meet the recruitment requirements which specified by SARS will be considered for permanent appointment. You can register yourself by online, because online applicants are preferred. Please upload your ID, Matrix certificate, police report that you ever been convicted of a crime. If you do not include some information above, your application will not be accepted.
The ideal candidate that will be considered are ability in this field, capable of driving a vehicle, having good communication, meticulous, able to focus on the customer, capable in solving the problem, able to work in a team, have the ability in analyzing, have a good personality, capable of performing the work in under pressure, and have organizational skills. For registration, you can click on the website link provided. For further information, you can click the link below.
SARS’s Registration Requirements Programme
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