By | November 29, 2016

Shell Graduate Internship Program

Experiences are important for you to get the great future with good career. One thing that you can do to prepare yourself to face the working world is getting more experiences. You can join for the internship program to get more experiences. There are so many opportunities offered by many companies for the internship program. One of the companies is shell. Shell is known as the big company which has the professional employees. This means that you will get the precious experiences in work with the professionals. Are you interested? There are some requirements that you must prepare for the application.
There are some roles in this company that can be chosen. You can choose the role which suitable for your academic major background. Generally, the requirements are about the soft skills that you must have such as the ability to solve the problem, fast learning, the ability to work in team, interested with the challenges, innovative, confidence, flexible to work, having good credibility and making the decision in objective way. There are some qualifications that you should have to join this program. Joining this internship program will make you get some experiences, developing your leadership skill, get the network, mentoring and also coaching relationship.
For you South African Citizen, It is easy to apply to join this internship program. For the first step, you can visit this website  to do the registration. Do not forget to apply and register earlier. You must do the registration before the closing date. The closing date of this opportunity is in 31 May. If you are late, your application will not be considered by this company and you will not get the opportunity to join in this internship program. You also need to authorize lawfully to work in the country which assigned for this internship program.