By | November 20, 2016

Shoprite Bursaries : Kickstart Your Future!

If you are looking for a great beginning to study higher , start with Shoprite bursaries. The biggest fast food retail in Africa continents offers you great benefits from Shoprite bursaries that will provide financial support for further studies. Not only that, Shoprite bursaries programme also provide working and building career opportunities in the company after graduation. Are you interested? Find out more!

Shoprite Bursaries
About Shoprite
Shoprite was found  in 1979 and is currently the largest company of South Africa that focus on retail industry and fast food with 1,751 corporates and about 350 franchise outlets spread in 16 countries in Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.  Shoprite employs 110,000 people (include people with disabilities) and known for its passion and attention for its employees. Shoprite retail ativities are mostly on foods and household items, some famous brands owned by Shoprite are Shoprite, Checkers, Ok Furniture, Hungry Lion fast food, Megasave Wholesales, Ok Value Store, Enjoy, OK Foods etc and expanding to MediRite Pharmacies , Liquor Shops, Transpharm Wholesales and Food Services.

Available Fields of Study
Shoprite bursaries main goal is to encourage students who is interested to study towards following degrees mentioned below:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Accounting Science/qualifications
  • Retail Management
  • Other fields of study that relevant with Shoprite’s activities

Shoprite bursaries worth R30,000 up to R60,000 or depend on sponsored ourse of study and institution. The bursaries will cover tuition fees, books fees and also accommodation fees. The bursars will be required to work for Shoprite based on the tenure of the sponsorship otherwise the bursars will have to repay the bursaries given. Shoprite bursaries will not responsible for repeated subjects/course and the bursaries awarded innclude the extracurricular course. Successful bursars will be given opportunity to work and build career in Shoprite after completing studies and work-back requirement.
The Requirements For Bursaries
Applying for Shoprite bursaries is easy. Several requirements to apply for Shoprite bursaries are:

  • Applicants are South African citizen
  • Applicants are highly motivated young students
  • Applicants has favorable qualities in well-being
  • Loyal, dedicated and honest
  • Dilligent, enthusiastic and sociable
  • Creative and responsive

Applying For Bursaries
The Shoprite bursaries will be open on 12 January 2016. Applicants must register themselves first at Shoprite’s site at