By | November 28, 2016

Shoprite Bursary Marketing

Thinking about what kind of bursary you want to apply for this year? Take your consideration on bursary marketing by Shoprite. It is a bursary that focuses on marketing matter. Therefore, they expect that students after they completed this bursary opportunity, they have capability to be the future experts for marketing industry. Shoprite bursary marketing is designed for all students who are South Africa citizen, mostly for those who live in Brackenfell/Centurion. Speaking of students, you must be on your first, second, or third year. Addition, this bursary marketing program is also meant for Honors students.
You must know that when you graduate from this this bursary marketing program, you have chance to be a apart of Shoprite family under marketing department. Then, what do you have on your mind? Feeling excited about Shoprite bursary marketing opportunity? If you do, you can apply for this bursary marketing program before the closing date of this program on September 15th 2015. For sure, to become a successful applicant for this bursary marketing program, there are some competencies you should meet in order to grasp more opportunity for this one. Curios about it? Apply Shoprite Bursary Marketing and below you will figure it out.
The requirements for this bursary marketing program are; you must gain average which is equal to 60% (but the higher the better) in the first six month of completion in Bachelor of Commerce or something that equal to it. Thus, if you think yourself as a student who has those qualification to join for Shoprite bursary marketing program, the better choice you have, you need to apply for this bursary marketing program which value is between R45 000 to R60 000. More, if you the one that has potential in marketing industry and need financial support to actualize your dream in financial industry, you need to take benefit for this bursary marketing program.