By | November 29, 2016

Steve Biko Academic Hospital Medical Physicist Graduate Internship Program

Are you looking for new experience? For you who have the educational basic in Steve Biko Academic Hospital Bsc with the major of   Physics medical, you can join the Steve biko academic hospital medical physicist graduate internship program. This program gives you the opportunity to join the internship and give you more experience with join the routine activities of medical physics such as dosim entry, measurements performed, Radiation calculation, quality control, branchy therapy training in Steve Biko Academic Hospital.
For you who want to join this program, you should have to full fill the qualifications. The qualifications to join this Steve biko academic hospital medical physicist graduate internship program, you must have the competences in mathematical and have the ability to do the problem solving. Then, you should have the capabilities in working with the office software like Ms Word, Outlook and Excel. You also need to have the good interpersonal relationship. If you are approved, you will join the 2 years of internship training.
For you who are interested, you can submit your application on form Z83 which can be got in Public Service Department. You can also get the form from the website Submit the form with attaching your newest curriculum vitae completed with the identity documents and certificate which certified by Steve Biko Academic Hospital. When you submit your application, you should have to notice and make sure that you have completed the documents. The application will not be considered if the documents are not complete. You can submit your application to Prof. A Van Rensburg 012 354 2317, Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Private Bag x 169, Pretoria, 0001. The application must be submitted before 30 April 2015. If you are not contacted more than three months after the closed date it means you are not approved to join the Steve biko academic hospital medical physicist graduate internship program in this period.