By | November 29, 2016

Tim Mills Law Bursary Scholarships Program

If you are interested in law bursary and/or law scholarship program of period, this may be the right time to check out and register to Tim Mills bursary programme Law because who knows that through this way, you can grab that golden ticket you’ve been dreaming of. For you who are willing to list to any desirable LLM degree at any South African university, you are already stepping closer to Tim Mills Bursary since the program is originally aimed for those listing. The whole occasion isn’t worth any negative thought and feeling. Students who register will earn maximally R25 000 to cover the complete payment for university during their study duration.
Apart from the standard qualification including the cover letter and professional CV, which anyone can look up for the tutorial easily, those who want to be a part of Tim Mills Law bursary programme should be qualified for certain criteria, which are: citizen of South Africa, willing to list to any LLM degree at any South African university, and completion of registration forms and detailed documents before the due date. As a gentle reminder, those who are excelled in academic and any other specific field may be concerned about better than those who aren’t. Be quick because the closing date is no less than next September 1st.
Because it is everyone’s right to go for proper education, program like this will be very beneficial. Thus everyone should worry nothing. We believe that your academic performance and skills are great, so we’ll help you realizing your dream of studying law. All you have to do is prepare the registration files, collect them before the deadline, and pray hardest for your best luck. If you need something to ask, feel free to contact or Tim Mills Law bursary programme may be your way to a better education with less stressing university payment. But first download the application form.