By | November 30, 2016

Total Graduate Internship Programme

What is the importance of a graduate programme? Why should unemployment graduate need to apply for this? If you want to enhance your skill through work experience, then this is what you need. As for this reason, be sure you join Total graduate internship opportunity if you are from these following disciplines; health and safety, law and governance, supply chain management/logistic, human resources, environmental protection, marketing, analytical chemistry, internal auditing, and engineering for civil, industrial, and mechanical. For your information, the purpose of this graduate opportunity is to expose potential graduates how it feels to work in certain unit that they apply for.
More, they will also get in-depth knowledge of how to apply what they get during school to the real work challenges. But there is another thing you need to know that not any graduates can apply for Total graduate internship programme. First, you must a graduate who joined a previous Total bursary opportunity. Second, you have academically excellence and prone to have more experience in the way to polish your skill in certain field that you pick. Third, you better never follow or join others graduate opportunities or your chance will be dismissed.
Download first the application form online to complete it afterward. Company your application form with certified copies of your SA ID, certified copies for transcript/qualification/academic records (if already available), letter of motivation about why you deserve for Total graduate internship, and the last one, you need as well to attach your curriculum vitae. Once everything is prepared, you need to submit your application to However, in the way to be considered for this graduate internship opportunity, you better ascertain that you send your application properly by or before it meets the closing date on November 30th 2015. Say that you are negligence about this, be prepared for application discouragement.