By | November 29, 2016

Total Graduate Internship Programme

Yes, for 2015, Total will deliver a good chance for any graduates of South Africa, to apply and join to their graduate/internship programme. Nevertheless, the graduate/internship programme will be relevant to the discipline of study that is taken by the candidates. Anyway, to join for Total graduate/internship programme, the candidate should be around 18-35. Then, the candidate must never join another similar programme previously. Addition, if you expect for details information toward this graduate/internship programme, the details will be delivered on the interview session. You should know that the location of this graduate/internship programme will take its place on Gauteng/KZN.
Therefore, this is a good chance for Gauteng/KZN young generation to participate to this programme. However, if you don’t know, there are many benefits that you may find from Total graduate/internship programme. However, the ultimate benefit you may discover from a typical graduate/internship programme like this is, the ability to know more about certain discipline that you’ve learned back then. So then, you will get thorough understanding about how to apply it in the real time. Anyway, just like any other graduate/internship programme, there are some requirements to follow.
Apply Total Graduate / Internship Programme
When it comes to it, the requirements for this graduate/internship programme are; LLB, BTech Marketing and BTech Mechanical Engineering for Gauteng applicants, meanwhile for KZN applicants, this graduate/internship programme only demands you with BTech Mechanical Engineering. In the time you already prepare all of the requirements to apply for Total graduate/internship programme, you need to send your application before it reaches its closing date on April 2nd 2015. If you late, and then this good chance will be missed. Addition, when becomes a successful graduate for this graduate/internship programme, you are allowed and obligated to join the whole one year duration of the programme– as the exchange you will gain work experience for particular field you opt.