By | November 28, 2016

Umgeni Water Engineering Bursary

If you are a second year university student who expect financial assistant for your tertiary education, you need to be prepared with UW engineering bursary that gives you three full time bursaries for second year university student that capable to fulfill the requirements that are given. So, what kind of things that are catered by Umgeni Water engineering bursary? In fact, this bursary not only pays your tuition fee, but also it covers your meal and accommodation needs. Addition, for accommodation and tuition fees, both of them will be directly paid to the university.
To grasp more chance for this bursary, for sure you need to fulfill some qualifications and requirements. For the qualifications of Umgeni Water engineering bursary, they are; chemical engineering skill, civil engineering skill, and electrical engineering skill. Meanwhile, for the requirements, they are; you must displaying your academic potential, you are a full time university student, you successfully pass the subjects that are enrolled from the university aggregately within 50%, you must be a South Africa citizen, but if your hometown is KwaZulu, your chance must be wider, and you must be a student with the needs of financial support. Then, if you become shortlisted applicants, then you need to be able to join further assessment.
Hence, to apply for this bursary, it is important to do not forget these following; a 2014 academic transcript, your copy of RSA ID (certified) motivation and application letter, and your proof for university registration. After you finish with those, you can send them with email ( or you can apply Umgeni Water bursary via post to; The Skill Development Facilitator, Umgeni Water, PO Box 9, Pietermaritzburg 3200 before the closing date of this bursary opportunity on February 27th 2015. Your application is considered successful when the officials of the bursary contact you through phone. Nevertheless, for further information about this bursary, you can contact (033) 341 1346/ (033) 341 1093.