By | November 29, 2016

Unilever Graduate Internship Programme

Yes, there is another graduate/internship programme to follow in 2015. But something special about this graduate/internship programme is, the candidate is not merely a South Africa citizen, but the Foreign Nationals can also apply for this graduate/internship programme by following the process that is conducted in SA. For Unilever graduate/internship, the programme is composed to several graduate programme, they are; Marketing Graduate, Customer Management/ Customer Development graduate, HR Graduate, Financial Management/Finance Graduate, Supply Chain Management/Supply Chain Graduate and Research & Development (R&D) Graduate. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to join for one of those graduate programmes above be sure to have qualification that is related to the graduate programme you opt.
The other things that should be considered by all of the candidates before they apply for Unilever graduate/internship programme are the basic requirements. For that matter here are they; you hold minimum 60% for your average academic score, a student in final year, engage with both under or post graduate in 2015, and the last one is, agree to be replaced to certain location during the programme. Anyway, this is special information for those Foreign Nationals who expect to send their application to graduate/intership programme by Unilever.
When you are considered as the successful applicants for this graduate/internship programme, you will be located to these following area; Cameroon, Angola, Burundi, Ghana, Ethiopia, DRC, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Kenya Mozambique, Sudan, Nigeria Rwanda and many more. However, there is possibility that the Foreign Nationals will be replaced to their homeland during Unilever graduate/internship programme due to certain business issue. Hence, if you think that you are interested to apply this fascinating graduate/internship programme by Unilever, be thoughtful to send your application before its closing date on April 9th 2015 in order to grasp any benefit that is offered by this graduate/internship programme. Anyway, good luck for your application.