By | November 29, 2016

Unilever Winter Vacation Career June-July

If you are looking for opportunities and ways to spend your winter vacation more valuable and significant, it is time to join Unilever winter vacation career. It is a chance where students with the criteria fulfilled are able to gain experience and skills in human resources field trough Unilever Future Leaders and Internship Program. When it comes to house supplies and daily households’ needs, Unilever is one of the reputable leading brands with experience and competence not to be questioned. Candidates who are successfully sort-listed and be a part of this will gain many advantages that may not available in other places.
The criteria for joining Unilever winter vacation career in Unilever Future Leaders and Internship Program is students with 60% academic average who in 2015 are working in an undergraduate or post-graduate degree and are students in penultimate or final year. Candidates must be willing to mobile and be relocated locally for the length periods of four week. Other than that, applicants must those who are insightful and have strong commitment to inspire surroundings and make a difference, especially in people development. Applicants must also have strong organization skills and skills required to be significant in business. Applicants must be passionate in people and have confidence in the ability to influence self and other people.
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The successful candidates will undertake three placements while the period of the internship. The placement is aimed to put the candidate to be surrounded by people in business. Candidates will be at the factory, the head office, and will be surrounded by expertise team. There will be also chance for working as a site HR Manager, joining international projects and strengthen your HR skill with the expertise team. Prepare yourself now together with the documents to join Unilever winter vacation before the closing date in 10 April 2015.