University of Limpopo (UL) Part-Time Courses

University of Limpopo (UL) Part-Time Courses

A BA Degree with a major in Linguistics, English or any African Language. A 60% pass in the major or a screening process.

Duration: Two years – full time

Three years – part time

Part time students ordinarily take half the workload taken by full time students. The duration of the study for part time students is two years for course work and a further one year for a mini-dissertation. The period of study will be subject to review from time to time.

In the Second year, students will have the option of specialising in any one of the following areas, with module clusters as indicated:

Linguistics: (five modules) to be chosen from:

TRLI801, TRLI802, TRLI803, TRLI804, TRLI811

Translation: (four modules) to be chosen from:

TRLI805, TRLI806, TRLI811, And one of the following, TRLI809 and TRLI810

Interpreting: (four modules) to be chosen from:

TRLI807, TRLI808, TRLI811, and one of the following: TRLI809 andTRLI810

In addition each candidate for a Master’s degree will be required to submit an original mini-dissertation on an approved topic.