By | November 28, 2016

Vimn Digital Marketing PR Internship Opportunity

If you want to get involved deeper and to experience your chosen career path in order to grasp understanding toward how the things do around the real job world, just take the advantage from something like internship opportunity. By following this internship opportunity you can spread your wing. Then here it is vimn digital marketing/PR internship opportunity. This is great chance if for those who have passion toward of course digital marketing and all things around it. This one is sound good for you? So why don’t you just apply before it too late. Since, this good opportunity will be (soon) closed dated on December 12 2014.
So then, you need to be hurry to prepare all of the requirements or qualifications that are so important to include widening your change to become one of the successful participants of vimn digital marketing/PR internship opportunity. Before applying this internship opportunity by vimn, it is better if you know at glance the stuffs you need to cover during internship programme. By becoming the participant of this programme, you must capable to handle the whole thing toward article writing, digital marketing, and management for social media community and provide support for general digital thing for MTV.
Therefore, to handle that kind of tasks, the applicants should fulfill some requirements, they are; (1) you as the applicant should have big interest toward social media, music and entertainment world, (2) you must have excellence writing skill, (3) if you have specialty like CMS or Photoshop, you will gain extra point to join something like vimn digital marketing/PR internship opportunity, (4) you should have third level degree for digital art, digital marketing, journalism or any relating subject. In the time you want to apply, you need to include all of the requirements together with your writing sample (check it on then send it to The successful applicants will get R6000,00 allowance per month.