By | November 29, 2016

Vodacom Graduate Internship Program

Are you a student or you are a fresh graduate student? You might want to expand your experience in having the best way in getting your career to be more improved. You might want to have your career to be clearer with the Vodacomgraduate internship program. In order to expand your experience and getting more skills, you can get the chance for engaging with a particular company which is trusted and also well-known as the big company with promising future. The internship program which is offered by the Vodacom will be one of the most precious things you can get for your life.
There are some requirements which should be completed by you if you want to join the internship program in Vodacom. The first requirement is that you have to be the student or the graduated student from the electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and some other majors. You can be sure that you will have a precious experience in having the chance in being one of the people who work in the technical team in Vodacom. The Vodacom graduate internship program requires the ones who are ambitious and can give best work result for the company. The eligible candidates should also be living in South Africa.
The program is designed as 12 months internship program which will develop the skill and also experience of working in one of the biggest telecommunication industries in the world. If you want to apply them, you have to tag your CV and your latest academic transcript. All the requirements should be sent on time. The appliance is closed on May, 30. Therefore, you have to apply the Vodacom graduate internship program before the due date. You will also have the best advantage as the program will give you the experience in being common in the telecommunication industry environment.