By | November 28, 2016

Western Cape SAPS Vacancies Basic Development

For those who live in or around Western Cape, take your change to join SAPS basic development learning programme which is occurred on the next year. Hence, if you think you want to take part to this programme, you need to do and prepare things in order to be a successful applicant for Western Cape SAPS vacancies basic development. And, you need to be sure to send your application forms by your hand to the Provincial Recruitment Centre or the the nearest HRM office (Police station) on your area before its closing date on December 22nd 2014. More, the application form that you deliver cannot be more than three.
To grasp your opportunity to be a member of Western Cape SAPS vacancies basic development, there are some ways for you to take. Before you apply for this programme you need to take the application form first from the nearest police station around your area. By your handwriting you need to complete the form. Be sure that you identify clearly which post you apply for. You need to know that the application form is free or not to sale, if you find any suspicious thing on it, please to report it to the authority.
After completing your application form, in the view of a committee of oath, sign it. You need to bring along some documents together with your application form, the documents are; driver’s license, recent ID document, residency document, a 12 Grade National Certificate/Matric or any equivalent certificate. For applying Western Cape SAPS vacancies basic development, don’t you forget to attach additional documents which are useful for you to win the opportunity that is offered by this programme. You need also to prepare four color ID photographs if you pass the psychometric assessment for further use like medical assessment, fitness assessment, interview, and application form.
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